Manifesting Prosperity From The Inside Out 1.0 Course

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If you are ready to uplevel, transform and expand, the information I share in this course can help you improve EVERY AREA of YOUR LIFE!

Each lesson I will be teaching principles of prosperity and giving comprehensive homework assignments.  There is a PDF of exercises and a new guided meditation each lessson.  You can fill out the excercises on your computer and save them, print them out and write in the space provided, or use your own personal prosperity journal to do the written portion, and keep notes.

The information and techniques I will be sharing with you, may be your best opportunity to take those solid steps toward your wants, needs, goals and greatest hearts desires.

What people are saying about Manifesting Prosperity from the Inside Out:

I had everything I could want — everything except CASH.   I listened to Dr. Tammi and applied her principles, Immediately, I mean within three weeks — my income tripled! Yes, the IRS noticed. Now, three years into this little experiment, my financial abundance is still increasing with no sign of abating. I continue to perform Tammi’s clear and comprehensive exercises and my life just keeps getting better!

~ Penny Orloff, rehab art therapist, singer, actor, frequent contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul, and author of “Jewish Thighs on Broadway”



6 lessons from Dr. Tammi’s #1 Best Selling book Manifesting Prosperity From the Inside Out.  Each lesson incorporates principles that will transform your life!


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