Foundations for Manifesting Prosperity

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If you are ready to take the first steps to changing  your life and increasing your Prosperity, this is the course for you.

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If you are REALLY READY to claim, experience and Manifest Prosperity From the Inside Out, this course was created for you!

If you are ready to dissolve your blocks to goodness, grace, purpose and abundance, this program will assist and empower you. This Manifesting Prosperity Program is a combination of written information, powerful exercises, and audio guided meditations. You will be gently supported as you dissolve your inner barriers, rewire for prosperity, relax into self-acceptance, line up with your soul-self and prepare for a life of clarity, creativity, fulfilment and prosperity.

What you will receive: A PDF of Manifesting Prosperity From the Inside Out and 15 transformational Guided Meditations. For more about the power of guided meditations click here:

AND for a limited time, you will also receive a 50 minute session with Dr. Tammi

The meditations you will receive include: Introduction to Prosperity, Manifesting Divine Prosperity, Integrating Your Inner Child, Aligning with Your Higher Self, Healing Your Saboteur, Deeping in Self Love, Expanding In Gratitude, Making Good Friends With Money, Attracting Money Affirmation Mediation, (and a second subliminal version), Surrender to Prosperity, Accessing Divine Inspiration, Visiting the Prosperity Palace, Sovereignty Mediation, and a 5 minute Shine On Mediation.

This program is for you if you:

~ Desire a more empowered, abundant and satisfying life

~ Are ready to take responsibility for yourself, and do your “inner work”

~ Want to let go of any notion of lack or limitations, and rewire for prosperity consciousness

~ Want to expand in your ability to give generously and receive graciously

~ Are ready to release fear and worry, and live more from the posture of faith, grace and love

~ Want to make good friends with money and start manifesting more money

~ Would like to align more directly with your inner wisdom and Higher Self

~ Want to tap into deeper inspiration and claim expanded creativity

~ Would like to feel more peaceful, whole, and congruent

~ Want to relax into a sense of confidence, personal value & increased self-worth

~ Would like to live a life of grace, ease, joy, clarity and prosperity

~ Deeply know, believe and feel your immense value and worthiness so you naturally attract greater prosperity and abundance in your life


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