Why Do You Sabotage Yourself?

“Self- sabotage is when we say we want something –
and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen.”
~ Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

Why do We Sabotage Ourselves. Why do we create roadblocks on our path to health, prosperity, love and happiness?

Have you ever wondered why, when you ALMOST manifest something you want, you mess it up, make mistakes, put on the brakes, or push things away?

Have you ever: 
Gotten close get close to your weight loss goal and then binged?
Been getting along great with your partner or a friend and picked a fight?
Had the opportunity to create prosperity and didn’t follow through?

Don’t worry you are not alone. 

I was fascinated to learn that Caroline Myss said the saboteur is one of the four archetypes EVERY human being has.  But why?  I know the saboteur has jumped to the forefront of my reality, grabbed the steering wheel of my life, and made a serious mess of things on many occasions.  I really didn’t want this to happen anymore, so I decided to get to the bottom of it.

This is what I have come to learn. We start to sabotage the goodness in our life when: 
We are afraid getting what want will have “negative” side effects
We don’t deeply believe we are worthy of what we want
We exceed the capacity of our “inner goodness container”, hit our “Upper love limit,” or go into overwhelment about how good we can stand things to get.

In order to prevent the Saboteur from continuing to dash your dreams, you need to make friends with it. Despite what many may think, the saboteur is not your enemy. They have a deeper intention, which is always positive. It could be to keep to you safe or protect you, to keep you or stay in control, or some other buried positive intention.

You can start to open to the relationship by having a conversation. You can write a letter to him or her, (I recommend doing this longhand in a notebook or a journal). Ask them what they would like to be called, and start a conversation. Then ask the questions you want the answers to.  Be patient, listen inwardly, and write down the answers that bubble up from the depth of your knowingness.

Need some help? Start the conversation with my recent Inner Saboteur Guided Meditation http://www.academy.tammibphd.com/product/inner-saboteur-guided-meditation/

You are in my heart and prayers as you befriend this important and powerful aspect of yourself.  And please be in touch if you have any questions, have revelations you would like to share, or need additional support in manifesting the amazing, love-based, prosperous, joy-filled life you deserve and desire.

Blessings of grace, ease, joy, prosperity, vibrant health and great love,

Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D

, Why Do You Sabotage Yourself?
Awesome Mandala painting created by my good friend  Paul Heussenstamm