Are You Living a Life of Fear? Or Love?

We live on a planet of free will and choice.  As human beings on planet Earth, we are given this awesome opportunity, and “double edged sword,” of being the demi-gods of our reality.  However, if we want to live an authentically empowered, loved-based life,  we need to consciously choose, and invite the “Creator of All things” to be in partnership with us.  The same energy that manifested the galaxies, takes care of the seasons, and created all the animals and people we love, can take care of our lives….IF we invite it and IF allow it.

In my “younger years” I created a very “interesting life” for myself that included private jets, award shows, red carpets, designer clothes, big houses, nice cars, etc. I got everything I THOUGHT I wanted –  but it did not bring me happiness or peace. Despite what things may have looked like from the outside looking in, I was living a very uncomfortable, painful, and fear-based life.

It wasn’t until I was brought to my knees in anguish that I Invited the Spirit in. I surrendered to love and was ushered a very different direction. This was how I finally found my way to authentic joy, a sense of safety, true purpose, and real prosperity.  Now my intention is to help as many people as I can claim and experience, healing, wholeness, happiness, and great love.

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For more about my healing journey, transcending fear and living in faith, the three reasons we incarnate, and the healing power of the mandala, you can listen to my “expert interview” with John Crewdson and Modern Qi Magazine.

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, Are You Living a Life of Fear? Or Love?

Blessings of grace, ease, peace, and great love,

Dr. Reverend Tammi Baliszewski