Manifesting Love From The Inside Out 1.0 Course

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Have you been confused, hurt and frustrated by your relationships? Are you open to doing things differently? Are you really ready to be happy and whole? If so, this Manifesting Love Program was created for YOU!

What this Program Includes:

1. Manifesting Love From the Inside Out eBook

2. Guided meditations designed to remove any blocks or barriers in your subconscious mind and reprogram it for healing, wholeness and great love.

The information and exercises in this book can guide and support you mentally and emotionally as well as deeply assist you spiritually. The guided meditations will help clear and heal the limiting content in your subconscious mind, reprogram it with positive material and prepare you to attract true and lasting love.

What People Are Saying:

Dr. Tammi’s voice is so soothing, relaxing and amazing. Her guided meditations are so powerful and were such an important component on my healing journey. I am so grateful to have found this material, and for finding Tammi. She has gently supported me in manifesting a life of greater happiness, deeper fulfillment and great love (I am now happily married to my dream man!). And I KNOW she can do the same for you!

– Cynthia Kelvin



If you are REALLY READY for true love, Manifesting Love From the Inside Out is the perfect course for you!

If you are ready to remove your blocks to happiness, and attract the love of your life, this program will guide, assist and empower you. This Manifesting Love Program is combination of written information, powerful exercises, and audio guided meditations. You will be guided and supported as you clear your inner barriers, rewire from the inside out, relax into self-acceptance and self-love, and prepare for manifesting the love of your life.

What you will receive: A PDF of Manifesting Love From the Inside Out and 14 transformational Guided Meditations.  For more about the power of guided meditations click here:

AND for a limited time, you will also receive a 50 minute session with Dr. Tammi.

Some of the subjects covered in this program include:

Relaxing into self-love, becoming whole, claiming your value, forgiveness of self and others, aligning with your higher self, connecting with the inner child, opening to receive and give, cultivating health boundaries, gratitude, expanding into love, surrendering to love, attracting Divine Partnership, and much more.

This program is for you if you:

~ Desire a more empowered, joyful and love-based life

~ Are ready to take responsibility for yourself, and do your “inner work”

~ Want to heal the drama, trauma and hurts from your past

~ Want to expand in your ability to give and receive love

~ Would like to align more directly with your inner knowing and Higher Self

~ Want to relax into a sense of confidence, personal value & increased self-worth

~ Would like a life of grace, ease, peace and clarity

~ Desire a love-based relationship with yourself so you can attract true love in your life

This course is a $399 value, but is available for a limited time for $199

After you register, email Dr. Tammi at  to schedule your appointment.

What people are saying:

Tammi’s teachings changed my life. I think EVERYONE could benefit from her material. Tammi showed me how wonderful it can feel to have self-worth and self-love.  It is direct, to the point and from the heart – BRILLIANT!  ~ Vanna White

I cannot express how powerful Manifesting Love is.  Tammi is simply the most amazing teacher and gently guides you on your journey to manifesting true love.  ~Trevor Laing



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