Prosperity is for all who want it

Many people I have worked with have a belief that if they are prosperous, someone will go without. This is not true. The same God that takes care of all living things on earth and provides for them, provides for you. There is enough for everyone.

You were BORN to Manifest

Best of all, anyone can do this, you don’t need any special experience or education, its so simple it works for all who apply it. You just need to harness and manifest what is already yours.

How do I know it works?

Hundreds of my students, from all walks of life, have opened their lives to manifesting with the tools that these courses offer.

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Tammi Baliszewski Ph.D.

Blessings of Great Prosperity!


, Vanna White

Tammi’s book, Manifesting Love From the Inside Out is transformational! I think everyone could benefit from reading it …that is why I bought copies for all of my friends! It showed me how wonderful it can feel to have self worth and love. It is direct, to the point and from the heart! Brilliant!

Vanna White
, Sabrina Faith

Tammi taught me first and foremost to love and respect myself. I have learned to really listen to myself deeply and support my inner needs. I can honestly say I am the absolute happiest I have ever been in my life.

Sabrina Faith
, Doug Armentrout

I am…experiencing greater joy, more prosperity, positive expectations, and continually expanding creativity. I am so grateful to Tammi for introducing me to these previously undiscovered facets of my soul!

Doug Armentrout